Sunday, October 2, 2011

Latest Happenings

Welp - I have completely lost track of my stash reports.
I have received fabric that has gotten mixed into my stash and I have no idea what numbers to add.
So no more stash reports for this year at least.

This weekend was one of my favorites!
The Miramar Air Show.
The Blue Angels fly right over our house.
All 6 planes in perfect formation, so close I feel like I could touch them.
Sitting outside and watching them is such a wonderful treat.
My retired Navy father also got to enjoy the flyovers with me.
That was the cherry on the top of my special treat!

My parents came down from Washington and spent the last week with us.
I love it when my parents come down.
It was a little bit of an adventure since they have 2 small poodle girls.
TJ has never had puppy company so I didn't know what to expect.
Our quiet passive boy isn't quite as quiet and passive when it comes to having these girls in his house.
(I was so bad and didn't take any pictures while they where here).
Maddie is only about 7 pounds and a real go with the flow kinda girl.
Muffy is bigger and heavier and growled at TJ every chance she had.
TJ didn't take well to her growling and would go into full bark and chase mode.
He decided that marking on top of the girls' marking wasn't enough.
He kept trying to mark ON the girls!
They left Friday morning and TJ just slept all day Friday.
Having company can be so tiring, even for a dog.
I caught a cold while they where here so I joined him on sleepfest Friday.

My very handy dad installed TJ a pet door.
It is such a luxury.
He also took my old Singer Sewing Machine to refinish the cabinet.
So it will be gone until their next trip south.

Before they came I finished this baby quilt.
Lizz's granddaughter was probably born while I was on vacation from work so it was done just in time.

I have 4 projects that I have to get done this month.

First up.
Kiersten at work is having a baby boy.
The Baby shower is in 2 weeks.
I purchased a panel that makes a soft Pooh book and am going to turn it into a baby quilt.
It will be perfect for a Pooh nursery.

Next up will be a Christmas gift for My Secret Santa Exchange at The Quilt and Needle.
I have a pattern and fabrics for this.
Before I start I will post a picture of the fabric but will not be able to share a finish until it is received.

My third project will be a Row on the Row Robin also for a Quilt and Needle swap.
This one really stumped me.
I took the rows into the LQS.
The ladies there helped me come up with a plan so I have those fabrics waiting for their turn.

My 4th project is another baby quilt.
Seem like a lot of my friends are turning into grandparents before my eyes.
This is a baby girl and will be getting a Sherbet Pips Jelly Roll Quilt.


  1. Sounds like someone's sewing mojo is back! I think we'll collect enough bolcks at the next sewing day for the first donation quilt too!

  2. Hey Tiffaney, so happy to see you blogging again! Don't be such a stranger, you're missed!!

    That pooh quilt is going to be darling!

  3. Okay, question about 'stash report'...I've seen it here & there & would like to know the purpose of it. I'm just curious. Thanks.

    I love everything about your finished baby quilt! Very nice!


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