Monday, September 12, 2011


I have misplaced my sewing Mojo.
I think about all the things I would like to be working on.
Look at my fabrics,
Purchase new fabrics.
I have even been working on swapping sewing rooms.
Bee isn't moving back so I have taken over her bigger room.
Maybe it is the hot weather. 
Maybe it is that I just need a break.
Maybe it is that we will be having company in a few short weeks.
Maybe I need just the right project to get me going again.
Maybe, Maybe, Maybe....

Lyn Brown is posting directions for Logs!
It is an adorable pattern
and will be my very first truly scrappy quilt.
I am grabbing scraps by colors alone.
This quilt will have a little of everything (including Holiday prints).
Maybe it will bring my MoJo back, a girl can only hope.

By the way if you didn't hear we had a crazy power outage last week.
I was lucky enough to be at home with TJ.
He really is the best company when Jeff is at work.
Living in San Diego makes me far from an expert at how to handle such an situation.
However I came up with the brilliant idea to bring my solar landscaping lights into the house.
They are the perfect emergency backup lighting.
Always charged, stay lit all night long, easy to locate and safe.


  1. Thanks for posting the Lyn Brown "Logs" link, Ms Tiffaney! :) I love her patterns. Hope this brings back you quilty mojo. I occasionally get these lulls. Usually I do some reorganizing the sewing space then, too.

    Your idea for bringing the solor lights inside was inspired! WTG! Oddly, the San Diego power outage affected my hubby at work. The business where he works has its main computer data base located in the area affected by the outage and he could not do some of his work because systems were down. Go figure. ;)

  2. whilst you hunt for your mojo, mind keeping an eye out for mine???
    cute logs block! love & hugs, c

  3. I truly know what it is like to be missing your Mojo... It returns... eventually. ;)

    Your scrappy log block looks good! Tis a start! 8-)


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