Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pooh Baby Quilt

I have been sewing away on Flying geese.

It is cloudy and getting dark so I didn't get the best picture but still wanted to share.
Here is the Pooh Quilt that I am making for a Co-Worker's first baby.
I am going to border it with cloud fabric.
There is also a title to put across the top.
I will get a better picture this weekend.

I have decided that I am going to plant a garden next spring.
The first thing I need for my garden is a Composter.

Jeff - Thanks so much for taking on the HUGE task of building my needed composter.
He even filled it for me to get the composting started.
As luck would have it we are going to start getting warm weather again next week.
Let the compost being!


  1. Cute quilt!
    Have fun with the composting. :)

  2. Darling Pooh quilt Tiffaney!! I am sure it will be well loved... 8-)

    That is certainly and interesting looking composter! Never seen one as such!


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