Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hedwig's Quilt & a sleepy TJ

Few months ago I had started quilting on My Quilt and Needle March 2009 Mystery quilt when I decided that it was just too big to be quilted on my machine. So today I finally started to pull out the quilting so I can just send it out to be quilted. When I left the chair to take a break look what happened!
Why did I decide to take the quilting out today? Welp, my trusty Brother sewing machine has been skipping stitches whenever I applique. It has finaly annoyed me so much that I dropped it off at the SewPros. They told me it will be about a week before I get a quote then another week for the repair. My machine is an inexpensive Brother CS6000I that I have loved and used everyday since I got it a year and a half ago. I don't know if it will be cheaper to get it working right or cheaper to buy a new one. Jeff tells me that I am like an addict counting the days I have been without my Brother. After we dropped it off we found a machine that looks just like mine but has an alphabet font at Costco for $149.00.

I did manage to get Hedwig's Quilt top completed before sending off the machine. It is really cute and just the right size for him. I will get it basted and ready for quilting.

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