Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wifely Wednesday #7-9

I can't believe it is another week.
I think this is week 7 for everybody else so they are on block #14
just a few more weeks and I will be caught up.
Block #7
Birds in the Air
I really don't like the way this one turned out.
However it is my 2nd attempt so it is what it is.
Attempt #1 wasn't the right size so all the points where cut off.
I am hoping that once the whole top goes together it will play well with everybody else.
Block #8 Bouquet
This looks like Fancy Cocktail.
Maybe I have been spending too much time at happy hour.

Block #9
Nope I am not sure why it would be named box.
Windmill maybe but no box.
Then again who asked me?

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