Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Here!

 I waited
I cut
I sewed
I pressed
I finished this cute block

I heard the UPS truck pull up.
I opened the door before he even made it up to the porch.
I received my package!
I am so excited to start cutting into the DS Quilt fabrics for Bee's quilt.
This quilt is going to be 30X30 3 inch blocks.
If I did my math right that is 900 drunkard blocks.
Yup 900.
Plus the larger blocks for the border.
Who wants to cut that many pieces?
And curved pieces at that.
So I finally had the excuse I have been looking for.

Oh no!
Something is missing from this picture.

What could it be?!

Look a little closer.
I forgot to order the mats for my drunkards path dies.

Who wants to receive such a fun toy and not be able to play with it.

Maybe I should jump in the car and race down to Joann's fabrics to pick up the mats.
  That's 20 miles round trip.
Waiting until tomorrow after work means a 2 mile trip to Joann's.
With gas at $4.49 a gallon I guess waiting until tomorrow is the right thing to do.
Darn, sometimes be responsible isn't very much fun.


  1. Tiffaney ... cute blocks ... :) What a fun looking new toy! Ah, yes ... being responsible is not often fun ... gas prices are not fun at all ... getting to play with your new toy will be fun tomorrow ... cue Annie singing ... "tomorrow, tomorrow ... it's only a day a-way" ... ;) Pat

  2. Hooray, I hope you enjoy it . . . tomorrow!

  3. All I can say Tiffaney is, you will be busy for a Have fun..


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