Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mushroom Night

Jeff & I decided last night would be a wonderful night to surprise Bee at school.  Bee is a culinary student so dinner at school means a delicious 4 course gourmet dinner for $15.  Of all the activities she has done this one is the easiest to support.

We arrived at dinner and everything seemed not quite the same as we are used to.  There were alot more people then normal, the lights where brighter then normal, there were no menus for us to look at and we didn't have a server.  Bee was surprised to see us and told us that we had come on "Mushroom Night."  We knew that her teacher grows mushrooms and we had eaten them before at a past dinner. 

I have heard there is a group for anything.  Last night we ate dinner with The San Diego Mushroom Club.  We had a 5 course dinner highlighting many different kinds of mushrooms.  I am not a big mushroom girl myself but when in Rome.  We started with a crab stuffed mushroom cap, then had a delicious mushroom salad. The mushroom soup so good Jeff took home leftovers for later. Dinner was mushroom stuffed chicken with a mushroom sauce.
Desert was mushroom ice cream.  They made the ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  I wish I had a better picture of the smoke from the mixing process.  There were three different flavors. And by flavors I mean they were made using 3 different mushrooms.   As surprising as it was the ice cream was really tasty.  I just was very much done with mushrooms by then.

How cute are the meringue mushrooms they made to decorate the desert plate?

The best part of the night was when one the guys in the club stopped by to welcome us to their club.  It was so nice of him to welcome us so warmly.  He told us that "The thing about mushrooms is you can eat any mushroom 1 time"  It took me a minute to get the mushroom humor.  What a fun group they are, however I think I will skip the next club meeting.

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