Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Start to the weekend

 I started my Friday by looking through my e-mail and found the coolest e-mail from Corrie at Quilt Taffy.


Yes right at the top of that post you see that I won a half yard of that cute Matryoshka dolls fabric.  While we where in St Petersburg I bought the cutest Matryoshka dolls and this fabric reminds me of that trip. I am going to have to find a perfect project for it.

Feeling all giddy with my win I finished ready my e-mail and was reading through my Google reader and saw that I won again on the same day!

How cute are these little owls?!  Anina at Twiddletails picked my name as the winner for her giveaway.  2 fat quarters of this What a Hoot fabric.  Bee is so in love with owls I just know she is going to expect something made for her out of them.  I think I will have to visit Anina's shop and see what other fabrics are in this line so I can get a few more fabrics to work with.

I have never been a winner of raffles of any kind, but bloggy land giveaways seem to be another thing.

Thanks Anina & Corrie! 

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