Saturday, September 4, 2010

Charming Girls Club - September/November list

Although sharing a picture of TJ seems to me like a good enough reason to post on my blog..This post is actually to see how I did last month on my Charming Girl Goals and share my goals for the next 2 months. Over all I think I did a good job on my goals for last month. Here is last goal recap.

My Hex quilt - I got a few of the blocks put together and have all the rows pinned but that is as far as I got -- This one is a Miss

Buying fabric for Sam's quilt - I got the a bolt of the black fabric but didn't get any of the blue -- This is another Miss

My Quilt for Kids Quilts are all three boxed and ready for shipment this weekend - Hit

Bee and My Objects of Desire Bags - Are done (her does need me to fix a problem with the handle) --Hit

Nice Day Makin Friends top - Finished this one last weekend with all August Christmas Sewing Day -- Hit

Lizz's Grandson's (Mateo) quilt - He was born about 4 months early and is doing well in the NicICU - Hit

Now for my Personal Goals:

Family movie night - Hit we all had fun - we have even started to play cards just about any time all 4 of us are in the house together it is such a treat!

Jeff & I enjoyed out afternoon at the Museum -- Hit

Bee & Me outing -- we actually had a few -- Hit

Training for the 1/2 marathon - started strong and fell apart at the end - this goal will be renewed and we will keep working on it - I think I am still standing on home plate with a full count.

My goals for September & October List:
1 - Fresh Squeezed Folded Star Quilt from this Moda Bake Shop Tutorial
2 - Complete my Charm A Long Quilt with KarrieLynn at Freckled Whimsy
3 - Bee's Rag Quilt
4 - Shelley's Baby Quilt

Wish me luck and Stop by Kelly's blog for links to everybody else's goals.


  1. Well done on getting your goals. I didn't do that well on mine I'm afraid

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. great goals and even better love the photo..
    blessings madame samm from charming club..
    which I am follower of yours and her blog too..

  3. You got a lot finished and looks like a busy time ahead!!


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