Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quilty Aunt Top

Jeff & I went for a drive yesterday. We headed out to 2 different LQS that I have never been to. The first one Quilters Cottage in Fallbrook was really nice but didn't really have my taste in fabric so I probably will not being driving the 50 minutes out to it again. The second one Inspirations Quilt Shop in Valley Center was much more my taste in fabric. It was full of bright colors and cute fun prints. Amazingly I came home with out a single purchase. It would be nice if I could say I was being good on not purchasing fabric, my mailman and his back will tell you otherwise. I did a search and purchase a bunch of Moda Fresh Squeezed yardage around the web on sale. He has been bringing me boxes and there are still 3 more yet to arrive. I will share a picture once they all arrive. Whenever Jeff drives me around on mini quilt runs he gets to pick where we stop for lunch. Usually he will sit in the car and surf Yelp to find a restaraunt that looks good and is close by. This time we stopped at Nessy Burger. We didn't need Yelp this time. Yes this is just a little trailer that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I think they have some crazy hours since it seems like whenever we stop they are closed. But yesterday we scored! 98 degrees and breezy, still it was pretty much standing room only for these super yummy burgers.
Today I pieced a quilt top for The Quilt and Needle Aunty projects. This was my first time piecing the quilt top. It was really fun to receive all the blocks in the mail and just took me a few hours this morning to piece so I think I will sign up for piecing again. That is a 2nd tote that I emptied this week. I really would like to have a few more empties this week.

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  1. Cute little quilt! Isn't if a nice feeling to empty a tote?


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