Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where the Turf meets the Surf

Today I went to the Crazy 9 Patch's moving sale. They are moving about 8 blocks closer to my house. That would probably be better news if they where closer then a 35 minute drive from my house, but I figure closer is better then further away. I found the perfect fabrics for Dorian's last border on her Round Robin. I know what I want to do in theory. Bee is going to help me with the actual design then it will be off to her. She hasn't peeked so I know she is going to be so excited to see it. It is just lovely! I also picked up so Happy Camper Yardage on a great sale.

Jeff & I went to Free and Easy Wednesday at the Del Mar Race Track. On Wednesdays you can get free admission, free seating, 1/2 price draft beer, 1/2 price soda and 1/2 price hot dogs. We each picked horses and each of us picked a winner! Jeff bet a few times but didn't win on them, I didn't bet at all since I don't find it any more enjoyable.

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