Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stash Report #21

It has been a busy and fun week.  We went to San Diego Safari Park yesterday.  Even though we are members of the San Diego Zoo it has been a really long time since we have hit up the Safari Park.  They have made some amazing changes.  We will be back for sure.  Also my baby girl celebrated her birthday (well we all celebrated).  It is her birthday but she really is the best gift I ever could have received.   
I had a finish this week. But just like last week I am going to count it in my outs before I post a picture.  It just needs a label attached and it will be in the mail on its way to Little Olivia for her big girl bed.  I stayed out of the quilt shops once again so I have a zero added.  However I will be ordering yardage for a King size bed quilt I have promised my parents so there will be a plus once it arrives, likely in 2 weeks.  And they are coming down to see me in October so I am going to be working hard to finish it so I can get it back from the quilter and bound before then.
This week
0 - nothing (you go girl!)
6 yards - Olivia's big girl quilt.  This was mostly stash and scrap so it is a really good out.
Year to date

+51.50 yards in
-42 yards out

+9.5 yards added for the year. Single digit green.  I will enjoy this while it lasts and hope it returns someday.   Stop by Patchwork Times to see how everybody else is doing.

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