Saturday, May 4, 2013

A finish!

I am super happy with this twister quilt.
I used a layer cake of 
Aneela Hoey's A Walk in the Woods.
(purchased with a Joann's 50% coupon)
Finished the month after the baby was born.
Not too bad.

I saw a tutorial for a raw edge binding a few months ago.
However I can't remember where I saw it and google wasn't much help.
I had to do if from guess and memory.
That and not give the proper credit.

I cut 3 1/4 inch strips
folded in half for double sided binding.
Attached to the back as I would normally attach to the front.
(this is all the same as I normally would do my binding)
Folded it over and pinned the fabric down.
Clipped the raw edge as I would a rag quilt.
Washed and dried.
Love it!
However I am going to test with wider strips next time.


  1. Darling quilt Tiffaney, and cute binding too!

  2. Nice quilt. I have the twister ruler ... but ...I've not used it yet!. Yours has inspired me. Thanks for sharing.


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