Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Fat Quarter Storage

I have been looking for a way to have storage under my cutting table.
First I was thinking that I would get a kitchen island
with storage under it.
But I just couldn't justify the cost
and really didn't like the storage options.

Before it was mostly just a spot for TJ to hang out when he wants to join me.
However he doesn't like to be under it when I am cutting fabric.
 I found these perfect storage baskets drawers at Ikea.
The whole drawers come out.
It is nice for easy access to the fabric in the back.

 And they are the perfect width for 2 rows of fat quarters.
Looks like I need to crack into a few fat quarter bundles.

Now TJ gets to sit right next to my sewing table.
Don't worry he will always have a special place in my room.


  1. Fantastic Fabric and Storage, Tiffaney. I am sure TJ likes being close to you. :)

  2. Great storage Tiffaney! I've been wanting to get some thing like this.


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