Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crib Skirt

I took the weekend off and enjoyed time with my family
Jeff and I went to the movies.
It was my turn to pick.
Ok so I enjoyed my family time with the exception of this fateful trip to the movies!
I picked Hope Springs.
With Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones & Steve Carell.
Produced by the same people that made
The Devil wears Prada.
(I really liked that movie)
If that sounds like a winning combo to you to,
Don't be fooled!
This movie was uncomfortably bad.
Unless you feel like spending 2 hours spent watching somebody else's marriage counselling.
 Pass on this one. 
As strange as it is, the fact that they are such good actors is really the downfall of this movie.
Go figure.
Now back to my sewing endeavors.
Here is my skirt for the baby's crib.
I don't have a crib to model this skirt so that is being modeled by my foot stool.


  1. Nice job, Tiffaney! This will look very bright and colorful on the baby's crib. :) Thanks for the heads up about the movie. I thought that sounded like a winning combination, too. Now I know better ... ;) Pat

  2. Crib? Baby?? What haven't you told us Ms Tiffaney?? lol It looks great.


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