Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Bumbers

Yeah! I finished the crib bumpers and I am super happy with how they turned out.
The pattern called for 26 inches on each section.
However the bumpers from a previous crib are 24 inches,
and on the advice of my wonderful quilty twin Cindy,
I modified the pattern to 24 inches per section.
Also the pattern called for 6 bumpers but I modified it to be 4
by connecting the 2 on each of the long sides.
I also added extra ties and moved the top ones down
into the seam between the airplane fabric and the red accent fabric.
Since I don't have a crib to model I will beg for some pictures I can share when the crib is all
"dressed up."
Bee has helped me design a crib quilt that I can make with
the extra airplane fabric.
I need to do a little accent fabric shopping then will get started on the quilt.
I think I will dig in my Dear Jane stash and join
Then it is back to working on Bee's Christmas quilt.

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