Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear Jane

I have joined a monthly Dear Jane Club at the LQS.
We are working on getting 6 or 7 block done per month.
Equaling 1 row every 2 months.
I don't know if I will keep up.
I have been admiring Dear Jane's for some time.
Having a support team working with me seems like a wonderful opportunity.

Block A-1
It is backwards.
I printed the template from the software and I guess I should have printed it mirrored.
Lucky for me this is a quilt for myself so I don't think I will redo it.

Block A2
This has been a big learning curve on paper piecing.
I think I might start paper piecing my Farmer's Wife blocks
when I find time to start working on them again.

Block A4
Yes A3 has been skipped.
I have it all put together and plan to stitch on it at our meeting later this month
I think I will enjoy visiting more without my machine humming along.

Block A5
My blocks have an extra 1/4 of fabric all the way around.
This way once I get my rulers at the next meeting I will able to trim them to the perfect size.

Block A6
I will like this one better when the extra fabric is trimmed down.

If you didn't figure it out my Jane is going to me purple, yellow & white.
Any suggestions on sashing colors?
I am hoping to use different purple & yellow fabrics on each block,
I see some scrappy yellow and purple quilts in my future.

Once I get my rulers at the next meeting I will start getting by blocks trimmed before taking pictures,
Thanks for stopping by.

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