Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wifely Wednesday #33-37

I missed last week but have made up for it this week.
It seems that I am seeing fewer of these blocks on blogs as the weeks have gone by.
I guess people must be dropping off.
I am officially 1/3 of the way through my blocks.

Block 33 Farmer's Puzzle
I put this together all wrong the first time so this is my 2nd attempt.
I ended up drafting it out and it went together very easy after that.

Block 34 Flock
This one was pretty fast too.

Block 35 Flower Basket
My handle is a little small but overall I like it.
Maybe it will seem better once it is sewn into the quilt

Block 36 Flower Garden Path
This one was NO fun.
I don't like how it went together but am not going to put myself through it again.

Block 37 Flower Pot
I am glad I committed to doing these in order.
This block has Y seams so it would have been at the very bottom of my completion list.
However the Y's went together easy.

Maybe I am ready for a quilt that has Y seams.
I have the pattern for this quilt I have been wanting to make. 
I think I just need the time.

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