Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wifely Wednesday #1-3

I have hopped onto the Bloggity Bandwagon.
My Farmer's Wife book arrived last week.
My quilt will be made with the Hideaway FQ bundle I bought earlier this year.

My late start makes me behind 16 blocks.
I figure I will just do 3 each week until I am caught up.
You can find all the templates on a 15 page document here.
The book has each template printed on a single page.
 WOW 106 pages, what a waste of paper.
I took the advice of printing the 15 pages and taking them to Staples and getting them laminated.

I think having a Wifely Wednesday post will give me a date goal for my weekly bocks.
Different people are doing their blocks in different orders.
I am going 1-111 right through.
Here we go...

Block #1
"Attic Windows"

Block #2
"Autumn Tints"
I just love the fussy cut houses.

Block #3


Just in case you haven't seen this link everywhere else,
Flickr group here.


  1. You are getting a great start on FW blocks. Love the fabric :)

  2. wonderful bright fabrics!! so you, dahling!! you are an inspiration, tiffaney!
    btw - i do declare that i heard you hollering last sunday during the race!! did you hear us? i mean really!! HOW RUDE!!!!
    love & hugs, c


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