Saturday, May 14, 2011

That makes 12

Bunco was last night.
I play with a group of parents that all have daughters the same age as mine.
All our daughters where in the color guard together and we all bonded as we sewed their flags
 and attended all the girls activities.
As our daughters all got ready to graduate we knew we all wanted to stay in touch.
So we started a bunco group.
We get together about once a month and it is always fun to hear what all the girls are up to.
Last night I found out that one of the ladies in the group is going to be come a grandma.
Guess what that means.
Yep I need to make another baby quilt
(that is 3 baby quilts that I need to make)

Back to my Fat Quarter Mystery BOM

I hope I showed all all the pictures
These 2 make 12!
I have started the center medallion and will get this one finished before I start on Bee's Drunkard's path quilt.

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