Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stash Report Week #14

I have been so blessed this week with gifted fabrics.

Fabric in this week.
3.125 yards - Hoopla Layer Cake
5.5 yards - 22 30's Fat Quarters giveaway
1 yards - Raggedy Ann fabric

Fabric in this week - 9.625 yards
Fabric in YTD - 63.75 yards
Fabric out this week
.5 yard Fat Quarter game lose at The Quilt and Needle (hope Midge enjoys her spoils)
11 yards Bee Came and rummaged through my scraps for fabrics that might work well for her Harry Potter Quilt.  (we weighed 1 yard of fabric an weighed her bagful and this is the guesstimate we came up with)
.25 yard a flickr friend needed fabrics for her Goth daughter's birthday remodel - hope the spiderweb fabric works well for her.

Fabric out this week - 11.74 yards
Fabric out YTD - 54.26 yards
Enhanced for the year - 9.51 yards

I have dubbed April as a no Fabric shopping month.  Of course that doesn't count the fabric that was purchased at the end of last month that should be arriving this week.  I did get a quilt back from the quilter this week so that should bond and on my out next week,
Stop by Judy's blog to see how everybody else is doing.


  1. Good luck with "No Fabric April". I went cold turkey on "no fabric" last fall and managed not to buy fabric for about 4 months. My advice, immediately delete all email notes regarding fabric sales from all the on line places you shop.

  2. We you made out like a bandit. Congrats! I have some 30's fabric that I REALLY want to make into a quilt this's on my to do list.

  3. Congratulations on your wins! Those are some fun fabrics. I've been thinking about the Hoopla pre-cuts. So much temptation. :)

  4. I never thought about weighing fabric! That's a great idea! Good luck on your no-buy month! We'll all be watching your progress!


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