Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Stash Report Week #17

Happy Easter!

This was a big fabric purchasing week.
I think I need to take a few deep breaths before I start.
This feels more like a confessional then a report.
Here we go...

1 Yard of Green Lovely.
Sashing for my Raggedy & Friends BOM
This one is already cut up and ready
to be sewed onto the blocks as they get finished.

5 Yards backing fabric for Bee/Sam's Max And Whisker's quilt.
This is already pieced and ready to be shipped to the quilter.

2.875 Yards Sherbet Pips Jelly Roll.
This has no purpose, it is just really cute and was a good deal.
I am a sucker for good deal.

27 Yards of DS Quilt.

It took me a few trips to Joann's to acquire all the ones I wanted.
They were all purchased with 40 or 50% coupons.
The Greens & Blues are going to become a quilt for Bees & Sam's bed.
The reds & yellow have no purpose
There will be extra Blues & Greens that will join the no purpose party.

Fabric in this week - 35.875 (What?! OMG that is alot of fabric in 1 week!)
Fabric in YTD - 123.55 (is it really only April? gulp)

Fabric out this week - 0
Fabric out YTD - 67.74

Stash enhancement - 55.81 yards

Visit Judy's Blog to see how everybody else is doing.


  1. Beautiful fabrics, love the greens.

  2. That's a lot of fabric. I know exactly how you feel. Now you have to sew like a mad woman to make a dent in it. There have been reports in the last few weeks with quiye a few quilters buying the Denyse Schmidt fabric. I can't wait to go to JoAnns and get some.

  3. You made some great choices. Who could resist Sherbet Pips or the DS fabrics?!

  4. I'll bet you made your LQS owners happy this week. What wonderful greeens you found. You did buy wisely though with the big percentage discount coupons! Happy Easter to you too! Sandi

  5. Sometimes good things just come all at once...or in multiple yards! Love the greens!

  6. Gorgeous fabric!! And I bet you enjoyed every minute you spent looking at it, and petting it, and deciding which ones to get. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

  7. I would have taken some of the bottom blue from DS quilts off your hands :) It was nice to meet you in Joann's though.

  8. That's not bad! I love love love it. You have some lovely fabrics. I'm so jelly you got this much of the DS fabrics. I SOOOOO hope that there is some of this left when I actually get to a JoAnn's that 'might' have some of this line left. Don't worry. . you'll have all of these in something soooooo lovely! And just think, April is almost over.

  9. Tiffaney, you keep track of how much fabric yardage you buy, or have on hand? Mercy gal, that's a lot of work that you could save for sewing..lolo I'd have a heart attack if I knew how much I have or buy.. That's funny. Have fun with it..


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