Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drea's Quilt

Bee's Friend is having a baby and I decided to make both
big sister & the new baby quilts.
Here is big sister Drea's quilt.
This is a perfect quilt for a 1 1/4 year old girl.
It is from this Moda Bake Shop Tutorial.

This one has alot of personality.
And by personality I mean the quilt police better not look at it too close.
The ruffle binding was quite a challenge.
I don't think I will attempt that again.


  1. That is darling Tiffaney! Sorry the binding gave you fits though.

  2. tiffaney, you made a wonderful ruffle on my christmas pillow - btw, i still display my pillow even tho christmas is gone for now - and i am sure the ruffle on this quilt is wonderful too! what i am wondering is if the hearts are "puffed up" somehow, or did the quilting just make them look that way? i could go peek at the moda pattern, but i must confess, i am feeling rather lazy today . . . love the new quilt for drea!


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