Monday, March 7, 2011

Quilty Friends are the Best

I have been wanting to make a Raggedy Ann & Andy doll for my home.
After asking for suggestions from my Quilt and Needle Friends.

My Quilty Sister Cindy suggested that I stop by Joann's the next week
and pick up a Simplicity Pattern that was on sale for $1.
I was so excited until I found that my Joann's didn't have a copy of the pattern.
I was feeling so sad and disappointed.

Cindy had stopped by her Joann's and found 2 copies of the pattern.
She was so wonderful that she had picked up one for me
before even before finding out that I didn't get one.

I received my copy in the mail today.
Thanks Cindy!
You are the best.
Now I guess I will need to do a little fabric shopping
to find the perfect red/white strips for the "socks"

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  1. aww tiffaney!! you gonna make me cry! you are most welcome, my quilty DDP-drinkin' #14-cheerin' sister! i am looking forward to seeing your wonderful Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls!


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