Monday, October 25, 2010

Thanks Kim!

I have been looking at the cutest Santa tutorial and was thinking about making it. I have never worked with wool and kept thinking if only I had a few scrap hanging around, I would love to make give it a try. The fluffy wool makes Santa's beard beyond cute. Kim has teasing me, talking about a class she is teaching and the kits she was putting together for her students. I was remebering a class she had a few months ago where she put a few too many kits together and offered them for sale. Well I was getting my hopes up that she might have made a few extra hanging around she wants to "get rid of." No such luck!

Instead Kim has kindly offered up 2 kits as giveaways on her blog. Could it be?! Well I signed up right away and kept my fingers crossed...Well I am one heck of a lucky girl because Kim picked my name, and she will be sending Santa my way. Thanks Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. I am sure you have seen her blog, if not you have to go and spend some time reading it. She will bring a smile to your face with her witty writing.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful blog! and look at all your squares! I am going to love visiting here!
    Thank you for entering my little "adoption"!
    Good Luck!!!


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