Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Look what I saw as I left work

I work in a building that is behind another building. The building that I work behind is a company called Bilstien Shocks. Each morning as I arrive at work (before the crack of dawn) I get to see a light up Petty NASCAR in their upstairs window. It is so cool. Maybe I will take a picture and post it sometime just so you too can see just how cool it is. Sometime when I walk around the buildings during my break I will see them working on vehicles that are going to or coming from either the Baja 500 or Baja 1000. It is always a treat to see.

But today as I turned the corner heading home I saw this sitting in their parking lot! Yup that is a Matt Kenseth #17 race car. It is a car that was raced a few years ago. Matt seems like a nice guy and has even won a Championship. He isn't Tony Stewart. But still a very cool way to end my work day. They had just finished serving lunch to all the Bilstein employees and where getting ready to load it up and head out.

Matt's signature over the window.

Yup that is Jeff with the hauler

This is the little room at the front of the hauler tha the driver and crew can relax in. I was in a different Hauler a few years ago for Buckshot Jones' 00 car and they more of a dining room table set-up then the living room set-up this Hauler has.

I just liked the stickers so I took a picture of them.
Did you notice that Jeff was with me right after work? Yes that is not the normal. This morning I was heading out to my car when I found that I had no headlights. Leaving for work at 4:15 am makes having headlights a must. So Jeff had to get up really quick and drive me to work this morning. It was really nice getting into his already air conditioned car on this 100 degree day rather then getting into my car that had been baking in the sun all morning. He wasn't able to locate the broken light switch but with a desire to not get up out of bed so earlier tomorrow he just took the one from his Passat and installed it into my New Beetle, so tomorrow I am driving myself to work. It is kinda cool how many parts are shared between our cars.

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