Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bee & Me Day

Bee found the cutest Stray Sock book at Barnes and Noble the other day. So we have looked all around the house for cute socks and decided we would try the Goodwill this weekend to see if they have some cute socks. That was a no go but I did find myself a...
Lady bug purse. I think it is brand new and was only $4. What a deal. Bee and I spent the whole day driving around San Diego hitting up different Goodwills. She found the cutest overall dress for $5 and we bought a brand new double deck of card $2. She got 10% since she is a student. I have brought up my little girl to love a deal just like her mom. We even where right by the Sonic so we stopped in for the super yummy chili cheese wraps & cherry limeade. Maybe they will build on closer to our house. (Jeff & I beat the kids at Canasta with the new cards. What a good way to break them in). For Christmas Bee & Sam bought me this Jelly Roll Quilt book. It has some adorable quilts. I got the pattern for the quilt I am making Shelley & Bill's new baby from it. I have a Birdie Jelly Roll I have been just itching to use and I think it will be perfect for her quilt (I think I need to find out her name)
All 9 blocks are finished. Some of the color combos are cuter then others but I think once they are are sewn together they will really work well.

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