Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt Top Done & Charming Girls Completions

We have been training for the Half Marathon. As you can tell it really takes alot out of TJ to train with us.
I got The Quilt Top back from the quilter. She did such a wonderful job! I have a few more to sent out to her. This is the Fall 2009 Patchwork party quilt. It is going on my bed.
Look at the cute little hearts that she quilted along the border. She did a "light" quilting that is so perfect for this quilt. I like "light" quilting since it makes the quilt more cuddly.

One of my personal goals for the Charming Girls Club was to go out to the movies with the kids. Today we all went to the movies and watched Despicable Me. We all enjoyed it alot. The Mininos were so adorable!


  1. Gorgeous quilt!!! Love the colors, and samplers are my favorite, great setting.

  2. I love this setting. I didn't see this PP 2009 until it was over. I called the GAQF to buy the pattern but they had closed the store and were wrapping up everything. Is there a chance you would be willing to share this pattern? I bought the fabrics on sale after the fact. I've made the blocks but I've been trying to figure out a setting for them. My email is


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