Sunday, June 27, 2010

1st TJ-iversary

Today is 1 year that TJ has been with us! He has brought us so much love and companionship. We adopted him through a rescue group. The 2 of us went over to thank the ladies and let them know just how much he has grown and improved over the past year. When we got him he was unable to bend his back legs, causing him to have a funny walk. He was unable to sit so he would either stand or just flop over and lay down. He was so skinny and couldn't walk very far. Now he takes us for our nightly walks. He can sit, jump, and has gained 5 pounds. You can't tell in this picture but he also has no tail. I don't know what happened to it but it is gone, not cropped, just gone! Here is to many more years to come.
I also finished my next Cabbage Rose 2nd Saturday 30's block. This one is my favorite!


  1. Love how your Cabbage Rose BOM is turning out so far! I was curious about the 30's option - pretty fabrics.

  2. Aw TJ is so cute... My Jack was rescued nine and a half years ago and is my constant sewing companion... In fact my next quilt is for him (all black, so he can wipe his filthy paws on it to his heart's content).


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