Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Day of my of my Staycation

Today is the first day of my Staycation! Whoo Hoo!

Bee and I decide we would hit up Old Navy and see if we could score ourselves some $2 tank tops. What a Black Fridayesk deal. We missed out but decided to head next door and see what we find at Ross. Spending time with my DD is one of the biggest joys that life has to offer. She has an amazing sense of humor that just fits mine so well. As we were giggling at some of the craziest dress we could find there was a smokey/foggy look in the air. Some kid had been playing with fire extinguisher. As the fire alarm was ringing overhead & a voice over the loud speaker explain the lack of a fire, we just kept looking at each other laughing. Next thing we know the fire truck pulls up with lights and sirens going. As the evacuated the store both of us had to leave our prized finds in the store possiblly never to be found again. Oh well good times with Bee are better then a new dress anyday!

After much sewing & tearing out - then more sewing & more tearing out. Bee came to the rescue and helped me get the last little bit of my Gingerbread Joy quilt top completed. This one is now on my list of quilts that need to be sent out for quilting. I even found the cutest Gingerbread backing fabric for it. Maybe next month I will start sending them out 1 at a time until they are all done.

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