Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where Do you Sew?

Today is such a Winnie the Pooh kind of day, all cold and windy, that we started our day with Jeff making me a fire. As I was working on the applique for my As The Geese Fly quilt I decide I should share a picture of my sewing space. I just love to see where everybody makes their fabric magic happen. I started off using the little spare bedroom as my sewing room. It has a wonderful window. Most evenings hot air balloons take off from Del Mar and fly right over my neighbors roof and that window has the perfect view of them. I have seen up to 7 in the sky at one time! I just love to watch them. But this social girl just got too lonely in there all by myself and one day I set the sewing machine up out in our "La Fonda" room and my new sewing area was born.

Why a "La Fonda" Room? Yes that is a strange name for a room. Jeff and I found the most wonderful hotel in Mexico called La Fonda. We stayed in a rustic brick cabana that had a cozy fireplace. Every room had a fireplace. We decided that we could have our own "La Fonda." At the restaurant there was a rooster strutting around that was just so charming. When we waited in line to cross the border we found a guy selling ceramic roosters. We purchased our own La Fonda rooster to watch over our "La Fonda" room. You can see him standing just to the left out the fireplace.

Completed my May 2nd Saturday 30's Block from Cabbage Rose. I messed up cutting by cross fabrics so Bee and I looked into my stash and found a workable substitute. Welp I am off to try and finish quiling Jeff's purple quilt. I hope to get it quilted and bound this week! We shall see.

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