Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Brother in the house!

I called Sew Pros to check on the status of my sewing machine and was told - by a very unfriendy lady that they haven't even looked at it yet, and didn't expect to even look at it until Thursday of next week! That is a week later then the original quote! Needless to say I decided I would just get that machine back as is (I can't pick it up until Thursday) and get the one I saw at Costco. So Jeff and I ran down to Costco to pick it up, but they didn't have it. 3 Costco's later and here it is! My new Brother XR-9000. I am loving it even more then my other machine since it has alphabet stitches for making labels for my quilts.

Now I need to catch up on commitments I have made. Here is my Quilty Aunt block for Betty Jo's new grandson. The ladies at The Quilt and Needle all make quilts for each of our newest additions. Be sure to stop by and see all the "Aunties" have been upto.

I made myself a Chubby Charmer bag out of my favorite Moda Happy Camper Fabric a few months ago and just loved it so much I decided to make My Step Mom one for Mother's Day. I sure hope that she likes it. It is from a Beach House charm pack from RJR Fabrics. I was really sad to find out that these charms where not 5X5 inch squares it really caused my problems but over all I think it looks good.

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