Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jeff's new smoker & Jaybird Hexalong

I completed the cutting and sewing of my Hexalong from Jaybird Quilts. I think they are a little too busy, but I think that is the nature of this Hello Betty Jelly Roll. I think I am going to get a creamy yellow for my accent color. There is just a little yellow in some of the fabrics & being my favorite color how could it be wrong?

Jeff got a new smoker. It has been pinning, researching, and dreaming about it. After much research he decided on this Webber Bullet. You can read all about it on his Blog. Here is Bee helping to it ready for the inagurual cooking.

TJ started out not really interested in what was going on but he got more interested when the smells started flowing from the smoker.

Here is Jeff getting the first of 2 Costco chicked onto the grill. These chickens where about 5 pounds each and where not ready for eating until about 9 o'clock, way past my bed time. I think with more practice he will be about to time it better. I was good left overs today. I was amazed at just how much flavor the 3 wood chips created in the meat.

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