Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stash Report #28

It was a warm week here in San Diego.  Lucky for me we have AC and I am able to keep cool. 

My little TJ guy got a hematoma in his ear.  The vet says it is common in floppy eared dogs but I have never heard of it before.  My little allergy boy shakes his head so hard with each sneeze and that must be when it happened.  Surgery is an option to remove the extra blood that has pooled in his ear, but we decided to go with the non-surgical option.  It will probably take him about a month for it to go away.  He seems much less bothered by the puffy ear than he would with stitches and a cone around his neck.  He has been on pain meds so I have been hanging out on the couch with him this week to try and let him sleep.

0 - very good week

0 yards - nothing finished this week.

+83.50 yards in
-43 yards out

+40.5 yards added for the year.  Visit Judy's to see how everybody else is doing.

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