Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash Report #4

The joy of the red numbers has ended 4 weeks in.
This will mean I need to finish a few things.

I had found an amazing sale at the end of the year and caved on a few extra items.
They are needs right?
Especially when they are such a bargain.

Than I had a few ebay bucks that where going to expire and I can't have that happen.
So I was looking around for a pattern or charm pack that wouldn't blow my numbers too much.
However I found 7 Fresh Squeezed charm packs.
Yes that says 7.
This is one of my favorite fabric lines of all time and has been out of print for a long while.
Do you buy 1 or 2?
Maybe I should just get 4.
But what if I need 1 more for the ultimate project?
Fine - I will take all 7.
I am so in love!
She even included a cute matching fat quarter.
Gulp here are my numbers:
+ 5.25 yards - Fresh Squeezed Charm packs (I guess about .75 yard each)
+ .25 yard - Free Fat quarter
+2.75 yards -  A walk in the woods Jelly roll (I guess about 2.75 yards)
+3.5 yards - Fairy Tale Friends honey bun (about 1.75 yards each)
+2.75 yards - Fly a Kite & School Days yardage
+29.5 yards
-25 yards
+4.5 yards added for the year, going the wrong directions for that stash but well worth it.  Stop by Patchwork Times to see how everybody else is going.


  1. Looks like you only bought things you love - so that should count for something. Your numbers aren't too bad at all.

  2. It is really much too stressful to resist great fabric at a great price ... and you know how we all need to reduce stress in our daily lives ... what better way than bring home and fondle the pretty fabric ... ;) Pat

  3. Its so hard to pass-up those great deals on fabric. Think of it as an investment since fabric prices keep going up! Those Jelly Rolls look like they will be a lot of fun to use.

  4. How can you pass by a fabric you remember so long and loved? You are fortunate that you found it again. I would have bought all 7 too!


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