Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

I am having so much fun reading what everybody is planning for the new year.
I figured I would share my sewing goals.
Like many others I have way to many full totes.

This is one side of my closet in my sewing room.
The other side looks pretty much the same.
Some totes are my unfinished projects.
Some are projects that I know I will never finish.
Some totes are Bee's unfinished projects.
Some totes are just collections of fat Quarters.
By this time next year I plan to have smaller stacks of totes.

I have decided to join the Stash reporting again this year.
I am thinking that more stash out then in will be my goal.
Although I must admit to having some new fabrics on their way here.
I better get Bee's quilt bound so I don't start in a whole. 

My last sewing goal this year will be busting into the
 patterns I have picked up on on sales at Joann's this past year.
A girl can never have too many cute dresses.
I am not a clothes sewer so Bee might have to help me with this one.

Bloggityland seems to be working against me.
Have you seen the Blogger Girls BOM?
Well I sure have.
I must resist (for now).

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