Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kaleidoscope Quilt Along

I have 3 projects that I need to get done in the next few months.
One of them is a Christmas quilt for Bee.
(Lucky for me she doesn't read my blog)
I showed her these Tula Pink Nightshade fabrics and she fell in love.
How could she not?
Miss Tula Pink has outdone herself with this Halloween collection.
Bee loves Halloween and especially witches & wizards.
The witch sisters that inspired this Nightshade collection is so Bee.
But what should I do with them?
After looking and pondering and looking some more.
I found this lovely quilt along (I missed the along part so I guess it will be a tag along)
This will need to be an over sized queen so I best get started.
I have started pressing and starching these fabrics.
This pattern will have lots of bias so lots of starch will pay off in the end.
Bella vanilla should be here later this week.
I have also purchased Plexiglas to make a ruler from the template pattern.

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