Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Jane Progress

Tomorrow is my last Dear Jane Club meeting.
The LQS that we have been meeting at is going out of business.
It is very sad not only because of losing the club's meeting place.
But this LQS is just blocks from work so was very handy for a quick stop in for thread of whatever.
I guess I will be stopping at the Crazy 9 Patch more often
(very dangerous as I have the same taste in fabric as the owner)

I have been really bad about sharing my progress on my Dear Jane.

Here are Rows A & B sashed and ready to share at the meeting.
I know the ladies have been looking for a new meeting place.

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  1. Tiffaney ... wow! I happened to see this quilt at the museum in southern VT when I was a very new quilter. At the time, I had no idea how lucky I was to be there during the few days during the year that they take it out of its specialized storage for viewing. There were two quilters there who had made a special trip from Ohio just to see this quilt who were happy to share their enthusiasm and knowledge. I was completely overwhelmed. I bought the book, but I knew I might never be skilled (or brave) enough to tackle these tiny blocks. Amazing work you are doing here ... love your color choices. You always made such bright and happy quilts. May your group soon find a new meeting place ... looking forward to watching your progress ... :-) Pat


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