Thursday, May 3, 2012

Berenstain Bears for Olivia

Jeff's sister is going to have another baby.
We are so excited!
And have come up with a wonderful big sister gift.

I used this Moda Bake Shop tutorial to make a
Berenstain Bears quilt.
(I am hoping to get it to the quilter soon)
This quilt and "The Berenstein Bears and the new Baby" book
with a recording with Uncle Jeff reading it.
He has a deep voice that kids just love.
Every time we are near little kids they just stop and stare at him as he talks.
What better way for Olivia to get to "know"
Uncle Jeff better then to have him read to her from afar.

And look at my lovely Hydrangeas that Jeff bought for me.
They where just flower buds and I have managed to keep them alive long enough to have these
wonderful flowers bloom.
Oh I hope my green thumb stays green.


  1. love your berenstain bears quilt! it is so bright & colorful!
    miss you in friday night chats!
    love & hugs, c

  2. Your quilt is adorable ... thank you so much for sharing it! We love the Moda "Welcome to Bear Country" fabrics!!


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