Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have 17 totes of projects in my sewing room.
That seems like a high number.
I have picked out a few that need to find their way out of totes for 1012.
Since there are bound to be new projects that I can't resist,
these few have made the finish me please list for this year.

Project #1
Luna's quilt.
The kids adopted a new kitty and like every other furry in our lives she needs a quilt of her own.
I had purchased these fabrics for Bee a few months ago for no reason.
Now there is a reason.
It will be 4 of the same Swoon blocks.
A perfect little quilt for a perfect little girl.

Project #2
Burning the Midnight Oil.
This was a BOM from 2010?
I have all the outside blocks done but didn't really want the center block so I set it aside.
I have decided on a center and hope to get this one pieced.

Project #3
I have been working on my Farmer's wife blocks all this year.
I will keep plugging away on this one.

Project #4
Raggedy & Friends.
The basic blocks are all pieced and it needs to have the stitching done.
This will be my handstitching project for the year.

Project #5
The Kids Wedding quilt
This is a drunkards path block made with DS Quilt fabrics.
No matter how I try my camera will not capture the lovely colors of these fabrics.
The don't have a for sure date of the wedding but are looking at September.
I really need to get on this one.

Project #6
Breakfast at Tiffany's Dresden plates.
I have the plates made and they just need to be cut down and sashed and bordered.

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