Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's walk

TJ and I take our walk almost everyday.
They say if you want to get to know a neighborhood you should really walk it.
 We know our neighborhood well.
We have seen many interesting things.
One of our neighbors has a pig, Hamlet.
Hamlet crossed the street on day just to say "Hi" to us.
TJ thought that was very exciting.
Another of our neighbors has a duck.
I hear they take that duck for walks but we haven't seen it ourselves.
We have seen him playing in a kiddie pool in their front yard.

Just like most neighborhoods we see kids playing and
people working in their yards.
We see all the houses for sale and getting renovated.
There are people and animals we see everyday.
Today we saw an adorable little girl who captured my heart.
She had set up a little table in the driveway and was selling....

Homemade potholders for $2.99
She picked this one as her favorite because it had all the colors in her collection.
I didn't ask her how old she was but I would guess about 7.
And she gets even cuter.
She asked if it would be ok if she pet TJ.
But before she pet him she wanted to make sure he wouldn't mind if a Goth girl petted him.
Oh he didn't mind one bit!
Her dad explained that she decided to be a Goth today.
She even painted her nails black.
Yes her dad was keeping her company as she was running her little business.

I just LOVE my neighborhood.


  1. LOL, that is so sweet Tiffaney!

  2. how darling!!!! both the little girl AND her potholder!
    i remember making my first potholders just like that one! oh the memories - thanks for sharing!


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