Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quilt And Needle July 2011 Mystery

Jess at the Quilt and Needle is hosting another Mystery Quilt Weekend.
I am doing my best to use up stash so I picked my Raggedy Fabrics for this one.
The pattern calls for 6 fabrics.  I will be adding a solid grey.
 I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Jess's patterns.
She has creative designs and does such a wonderful job of writing them up.
 My favorite part though are the diagrams she has for each step.
If you haven't tried one I would highly recommend it.
As I was cutting the fabric for my next Farmer's Wife blocks.
I look over and see this....
Thanks for the calm that you bring into my life!
When Jeff is at work I am so happy we adopted this little guy.
Actually I am always happy that TJ is with us,
but especially when he is my only company.


  1. Tiffaney ... aww ... cute doggie! Life is so much more enjoyable with our furry little helpers.

    Wonderful fabric choices for the mystery quilt! (As always) I am really looking forward to seeing your quilt.

    WTG with the stash busting ... :) Pat

  2. Oh cute fabric Tiffaney! This mystery quilt is very interesting! I'm sure it will be gorgeous, as most of Jess's are ;) LOL

    TJ looks so comfy.


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