Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nana's Garden

I still don't know if our friend Cheryl is having a baby girl or baby boy.
I figured maybe I would make a quilt for either one and just keep the other as a spare for a later gift.
I don't know yet what the boy quilt will be,
Why aren't there more cute boy fabrics!?!

This is the Nana's Garden pattern from the Scrap Basket Sensation book & Dilly Dally Jelly Roll
The pattern calls for 2 borders but, I think this is a better size for a baby.
It just needs a nice flannel backing fabric then few left over strips for the binding.

I prefer to let the tops pile up then just do a few weeks of quilting,
this is the first on my pile.


  1. That's really cute Tiffaney!

  2. Tiffaney is always sew busy ... and sew accomplished! This quilt is adorable ... <3 Pat

  3. May have to go out and buy another book. This is wonderful.


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