Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fat Quarter Mystery BOM 2009

It was windy outside.
The grass needs to be cut.
I had no assistant. 
This is the best picture I could get of this completed top.
My finished Fat Quarter Mystery BOM 2009 top.
This one will be going out to the quilter.
Once it is back from the quilter I will post a better picture.

The debate now is do I use the Cotton fabric I bought for the backing,
or do I purchase Flannel backing and make it a more cuddly?
I have started backing more and more of my quilts with flannel
I LOVE the flannel backed quilts best.
If I love it more wouldn't Jeff's Mom?
I would really like this to be a loved snugly quilt.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful!!! I'm sorry I missed the 2009 Mystery BOM. If your favorite fabric to use for backing is flannel I would say that should be what you use!

  2. Very nice! Mystery quilts are fun!

  3. Tiffaney ... this quilt is beautiful! I also love the cuddle and soft feel of flannel and use it as the backing for most baby quilts, fall and winter themed quilts and any quilt to which I want to add an extra touch of warmth. I have also started making more all flannel quilts. I am sure Jeff's Mom will love her quilt whatever you decide ... what a lovely gift! :) Pat


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