Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stash Report Week #8

I was in the Modern Siggy Swap #2.  I found out that Melissa, who was also involved in the swap never received her package and was really sad.  So I forwarded my blocks onto her.  I think they will be much happier being turned into something lovely rather then sitting in a baggy in a drawer  Then it dawned on me,  I get to count them out on my stash report.  (I wonder if she will get her block returned to her).

Finished quilting on my Folded Fresh Squeezed quilt yesterday and got the binding attached to the front.  Now I just need to hand stitch it to the back.  I am a slow binder so that doesn't mean a finish next week but I just might be motivated since there are a few packages winging my way.

Fabric in this week - 0 yards
Fabric in YTD - 10.125 yards

Fabric out this week
Finished Bee's Rag Quilt-6.5 Yards
Modern Siggy Blocks - 2.93 Yards
Fabric out YTD - -26.24 yards

Busted - 16.116 yards

Stop by Judy's blog to see how everybody else is doing


  1. So nice of you to send her those, also busting fabric at the same time!!!

  2. That was so kind of you to send your blocks to her.

  3. Its great that you decided to forward your blocks to her and give them a nice home. You are doing good with stash reduction as every little bit helps.

  4. Any fabric out counts! Great idea to forward the blocks on. Great stash report!

  5. Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to come back and thank you for following me.


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