Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word Up

This month's Charming Girls theme is
Word Up

Kelly has challenged us to come up with our word for the year.
Really everybody's choice for their word has been both insightful
and a bit overwhelming since they are all such wonderful words
with such thought and meaning behind them.

After much contemplating I have chosen my word

I know it might seem like a strange word.
When I was a young pregnant soon to be mom I kept being told that I was
As I prepared my home for the arrive of the most blessed gift I would ever receive.

Through the years I have enjoyed watching Bee growing up.
With each milestone I aways thought of it as her
standing on the edge of the
flapping her wings and getting ready to leave the

This past Friday my Baby Girl moved into her first Own very full
2 couples, 1 baby girl (the other couple's little girl), 1 large dog & 1 cat.
I am so proud of her and wish them all a warm and happy "Nest"
This has left me with an
"Empty Nest"

I am going to
once again and get my home ready for the next phase of my life.
Clean, Organize and prepare my home for its new family dynamic.


  1. Good luck with your nesting. My baby left over 2 years ago and its been strange still. He comes for weekend visits, but still hard. And before you know you will be nesting every inch;-)


  2. Oh Tiffaney - what a wonderful post! And I love your word - great choice. Congrats to your daughter on her new nest - and to you and your changing nest! Wishing you the best of nesting in 2011!


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