Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years

Happy New Year!

Jeff & I had the whole long weekend together
so I didn't find the time to post on my blog this past weekend.
I do have a few things to share tomorrow.

New Years Morning as I was watching the Rose Parade
I heard them talk about the float viewing.
Every year I hear them talk about it,
however this year I turned to Jeff and told him how fun I thought it would be to go.

The next day we drove the 2 hours up to the float viewing.
We are both so happy we made the trip
and just might do it again next year.

As they say each year during the parade,
TV doesn't do these floats justice.
My pictures also didn't do them justice.
I have posted all our pictures on my Flickr account.

This puppy was just adorable!

My favorite float was the Quikrete 3 little pigs.
It had so many cute and has all kinds of funny little touches. 
This bird just made me smile holding onto her eggs
as the wolf blew the straw house down.

Jeff's favorite was this girly dragon serving tea.

I didn't make any new years resolutions.
Although I have made a commitment to my self.
No new fabric during the Month of January.
Lucky for me I have plenty of projects and fabric
to get me through more then this month.

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