Monday, December 20, 2010

Cat Nip Baggy Tutorial.

I bought TJ his favorite treat for Christmas.
They sell a little sampler size for $.99 at PetCo
TJ loves this roll more than anything else!
And they are healthy enough to be his food,
although I think if he ate this for dinner he would be a pudgy dog.

Hedwig seems to enjoy the little pieces of the roll that I sneak to him, 
however he wouldn't consider it quite the treat that TJ does.
That is when I decided that making Hedwig a Cat Nip bag was the perfect gift for him.

I bought a 1 oz bag of cat nip at Petco for about $3
and pulled out a few left over charms.

Folded and pressed a 1/4 inch hem wrong sides together and sewed it down.

 Folded the baggy in half right sides together and sewed down the 2 raw sides making a pouch

Turned pouch right side out.

 Filled baggy with cat nip

Sew the opening down (I forgot to take a picture of this step)

I got 3 1/2 baggies from the 1 oz of cat nip. 
I think I filled the first bag too much so I probably should have gotten 4 out of that 1 oz.

I hope Hedwig enjoy his special treat.

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