Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bee's Bag

We have a little skunk that has just move out and gotten it's own place. He has move in under our shed. It was kinda cute when I woke up early Sunday morning to find him drinking out of TJ's outdoor water dish. It was even cute when TJ realized he is living under the shed and told Little Pepe who's place this really was. That was the end of the cute as the skunk answered back with the foul smell that I can only take to mean he thinks it is his place now. So last night we mixed up the "Magic Skunk Smell Removal Mixture" (1 new 32 oz bottle of peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and a squirt of dish soap - coat the dog well and wait 10 minutes). No more skunk smell and a super clean TJ. If you try it be sure to keep it off the face since it is a harsh mixture. This is our second skunk adventure. Our first one was at about 3am on Thanksgiving morning. Jeff must have looked like a crazy man out that morning buying the fixings of the "Magic Skunk Smell Removal Mixture." We now keep all the fixing in the house just in case it is need. (Thanks Bee for the cool graphic!)

I finished Bee's bag of the Me & Bee bags I am working on. It is this Moda Bake Shop Tutorial. Mine is going to be the same fabric Moda Objects of desire honey bun and different yardage. I would have gotten it done but the kids where home and we all decide it was a perfect afternoon for a game of Canasta. (Sam & I are the current household champs)

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  1. Hey Tiffaney I was pleasantly shocked to read you play Canasta. Haven't heard that in years. Brings back many great memories of my grandmother. Not sure I remember all the rules. Will have to find someone else who plays.



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