Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4th day of Staycation

Earthquake! Last night we had a 5.7 Earthquake just outside of San Diego. I was sleeping on the couch when it hit and it woke me up. It felt different then most of the shaking quakes I have felt in the past. This one shock in all directions. There was no damage that I heard about and lot of aftershocks.

Today I went out to lunch at The Counter with a few of my friends. We have a wonderful lunch and some nice chatting. Also today Bee picked up Hedwig from her dad's house. It is nice to have him back home with us. TJ has been roaming the house looking for Wiggs the whole time he was gone and now can't wait for his chance to bark and chase him through the house. These two are just like brothers! I didn't get any sewing done today so I thought I would share a picture of Wiggs under Bee's bed wondering what possible reason I could have to bother him with that bright light.

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